Basic Cooking Directions:

Preparation Time: 7 minutes. Makes 4 (½-cup) servings.
  • Place 2 cups (400mL) of water in medium pan.
  • Slowly pour the contents of the package into the water and stir until completely dissolved.
  • Boil over medium to high heat, stirring continuously for 2 minutes.
  • Turn off heat. Wait for 3 minutes then add in Citric Acid package, included in the box and stir well.
  • Pour into dessert glasses or molds.
  • Refrigerate for at least 2 hours until firm, then serve.

Delicious Orange Jelly Dessert served with Whipped Cream & Orange Zest

  1. Follow the Basic Cooking Directions for Jeannie Prebiotics Jelly Dessert Orange through no. 4.
  2. Prepare four champagne glasses, by placing peeled orange segments into the glasses.
  3. Pour Jeannie into the champagne glasses and refrigerate for 2 hours.
  4. Top with whipped cream and orange zest and serve.